Xero is a game changer and industry disruptor. It really is accounting software re-imagined.

However, as a general purpose accounting platform, it is not designed for, or have any desire to become a project management tool. Because of this, there is currently no provision for or awareness of projects.

Expenses are linked to suppliers whilst invoices are linked to customers.

But what about if you, like many organisations, wish to bill by project and not just by client?

Well now you can with Loggd.

Bill by Project##

Our seamless integration with Xero manages a single contact list between both applications. Loggd augments this by allowing the creation of projects and the association of these projects with sync'd contacts.

Choosing project-based invoicing from the team settings screen automatically splits new invoices by individual project.

Record time across a range of clients and projects, allowing Loggd to automatically generate a separate invoice for each individual project. This enables the continued use of Xero for billing, but now with the added benefit of project-based billing.


In addition to client auto-numbering, you can now also leave Loggd to take care of your automated project numbering.

Moving over to Loggd is easy, simply specify the starting number and associated format and off you go. Loggd supports simple incremental numbering, padding with leading zeros or even the automated inclusion of characters from the project name, such as [KNI-001] for project 'Knightsbridge'.

Billable Expenses##

Xero already provides a way to link billable expenses to existing contacts. However, our users wanted the ability to relate these expenses to a particular project.

Our latest release includes a simple yet powerful feature whereby simply adding the project reference number (in brackets) to the end of any billable expense description results in it automatically being added to the next invoice generated for that particular client/project.

See the following demo video.

Why bill by project?##

Billing by project is a common practice adopted across many industry sectors. Legal institutions generally invoice their clients by client/matter (a matter being another term for a project).

This projects greater clarity to both the service provider and the client, with invoices clearly stating to which piece of work they relate. Billable expenses (or disbursements) are also billed in this way, again providing greater clarity when working across multiple projects for a single client.