Lite vs Lightweight.

It's now common place to see lite versions of apps, meaning a range of different things to different providers. Some use it to designate a version of their application as being free (no cost to the end user), often also representing some kind of functional limitation, perhaps only offering a subset of the features available in their Pro offering.

Loggd is not lite, it's lightweight. A subtle but very important difference.

So what does that mean to us?

For us, it's a guiding principle, a design ethos and a measure against which the user experience should be gauged.


Let's start with what it is NOT. It is absolutely not a reflection on build quality or capability. We live and die by the end-user experience, which is why design, security, scalability and durability are central to our software development life-cycle.


Loggd endeavours to provide the most powerful, user-friendly and feature-rich time recording solution on the market. But importantly, it seeks to achieve that through simple design. We actively try to avoid the over-engineering of overly complex functionality and workflows which only serve to confuse. We aren't looking to impose mass change on our users, but rather trying to provide a level of flexibility that aligns to existing working practices with minimum impact.

We seek to provide all the tools you need, but without all the drama and fuss.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can make it better. Feel free to give us a shout...