Xero has turned accounting software on its head, rewriting the rulebook on how software that serves even the most boring of functions can be engaging, user-friendly and (to quote them) "beautiful".

As someone who wants to spend as little time 'doing the books' as possible, I am a massive advocate of what they have achieved.

Xero has also understood that accountancy is just one cog in a much wider machine; with them investing heavily in their partner program and associated underlying API. They have successfully built a service that can actively participate as part of a much bigger echo-system, with an ever-growing portfolio of integration partners across seemingly endless industries and application types.

Seamless Integration

In creating Loggd we soon came to realise there's a big difference between someone providing a Xero add-on and someone seeking to deliver a seamless and fully integrated service which endeavours to truly 'work as one'.

The Challenge

That is exactly what we set out to do with Loggd.

There are endless services which simply 'post to Xero'. That's great, but what about when something then changes in Xero that needs to be reflected back in the source system?

For us, it started with two-way synchronisation. To really provide a seamless end-to-end solution we needed to look at the combination of Loggd + Xero as a single logical offering and how best to accommodate the many different user scenarios that presents.

No Problem

A user wants to create a new company in Loggd or Xero. No bother, we maintain a single contact list between both services.

Someone needs to update or delete an existing billable expense even though it has already been included on a Loggd draft bill. No problem, any changes in Xero that impact in-process Loggd operations automatically prompt the user accordingly.

An invoice is deleted once it gets to Xero. No worries, the associated time is automatically released as un-billed in Loggd.

Better Together

We have built Loggd to work alongside Xero rather than just serve as yet another bolt on.

Loggd + Xero = Better Together