The dreaded timesheet. A necessary evil for many, especially those working in a service industry where time-based billing is the norm.

I myself have had a displeasure of having to record time in a delightful array of different (but yet the same) time-booking applications. In fact, for reasons that are still beyond me, I was once expected to record my time in three separate systems every week, but I am sure it kept someone in a job :)

What I will say is that however time-consuming, unintuitive and frustrating my own experiences, we all need to spare a thought for those unfortunate soles in the legal sector. Wow, they've got it tough!

I somewhat jest of course, but having recently worked closely with various teams and organisation's across this sector, they will forever have my sympathies.


6-minute units, variable rates and rounding.

Yes, that's right. 6 MINUTE UNITS!!!

12-minute call to your client - that's 2 units. 25 minutes crafting that email - that's 5 units (or is it 4.1 ?!?). Then there are codes... codes for clients, codes for matters (projects) and even codes for particular activity types.

Dare I even mention variable billing rates. This is where a fee earner doesn't charge the same across all their clients. It just gets better and better.

Rounding - do you round your individual time at point of entry or should time be aggregated across all fee earner's on the bill and only then appropriate rounding applied? The difference between the two approaches can be sizable (not to mention the moral position if you get it wrong).

All of this can, and regularly does, lead to time recording taking far more time than it needs to. In fact, for some smaller tasks, the time recording can take as long as the task itself. Accuracy is a problem... unless fee earners are recording time in real-time (or soon after) there is little chance of getting it right.

Now I'm assuming no one is actually billing for the time it takes to record the time... that really would be questionable. And no one wants to work for free, right? So surely the answer is to find the quickest, most accurate and user-friendly time recording service available?


There has to be a better way?

Loggd doesn't provide timesheets, we provide an intuitive time recording service that supports its users in getting it right first time, every time.

Loggd adds automated billable expense integration, project-based billing and client and project auto-numbering, making this the complete Xero time recording solution.

Loggd. Time recording for Xero.

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Ryan ...hater of all things complicated!